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10 Reasons I prefer vaporizing my weed

First published: December 01, 2019Categories: cannabis, vaporizers, dynavap, boundless-cf
Cannabis, Spirituality, Meditation, Cooking

Like most people, my first time having cannabis was in a joint. It was actually an amazing experience. Me, my sister and a couple friends had gone camping in the desert in Egypt. We were around the camp fire, under the stars, when the tour guide offered us some hash. It was an amazing experience. The colours were enhanced, the fire became even more hypnotic than usual, we were all giggling and having a blast. The night was already amazing, the hash just enhanced it. Sometime later, after some experience with meditation, I recognised that the cannabis had made me more mindful and present.

These days I hardly ever combust and a dry herb vaporizer is my preferred way of consuming weed. There are a few different ways to vaporize weed including vape pens, vape cartridges, concentrate vaporizers and dry-herb vaporizers. In this post I'm just talking about dry herb vaporizers. These have a chamber or oven where the weed is loaded. The chamber is heated enough to vaporize the psychoactive compounds in weed, without burning the herb, which you then inhale. The temperature this happens tends to be between 175C (347F) and 220C (428F).

Why I prefer vaping

1. Gentler on my throat

I'm just a wimp when it comes to cannabis smoke. For some reason, cigarettes and shisha are fine, but toking on a fat joint is a real struggle. When I was in Amsterdam I bought a preroll (no tobacco) and after half of it my throat was so raw I lost my voice. I have a friend who can't combust at all, and even struggles with a vaporizer at high temperature. For me, it's just great to not have to worry about the throat pain or a raspy throat the next day.

2. Lack of smoke

When I first started consuming cannabis at home I was living in student accommodations. Not only were there smoke alarms in the rooms and the chance of random inspections, I was also living with other people who might have minded having a load of smoke hanging in the air. Smoke tends to stay in the air in a way vapor doesn't, so I think vaping is more considerate of those around you.

3. Smell doesn't last as long

Although it does smell whilst using a vaporizer it's no where near as strong as when smoking. The smell also doesn't stick around for as long, or stick to clothes in the same way smoke does. This is great as it means our home doesn't smell of cannabis all the time. When using a vaporizer outdoors no one will be able to smell it unless they're standing right next to you.

4. Easier to control the amount I consume

For me dosage is very important when it comes to the healthy consumption of cannabis. With my vaporizers I find it a lot easier to control my intake. I can put as little as a pinch of weed, which can often be enough to take me where I need to go. And even if you did load your vaporizer with half a gram of weed, you don't have to vape it all at once.

5. Uses less weed

It's been my experience and that of many others that vaping is a lot more efficient for weed. That means it takes less weed to get you where you need to go.

6. Better flavour

This is very subjective, however in my opinion you get A LOT more flavour out of vapes. However if flavour is your main concern keep in mind that it varies from vape to vape, with some excelling at flavour.

7. Prefer the high

I think the high you get when you combust is different to the vape high. Not completely different, and maybe most of the difference is right after the hit, but there is a difference. A lot of my friends who have tried vapes have ended up preferring smoking still, but for me the high is "cleaner". It's quite hard to put this into words and I would really recommend trying a vape, if you can, to experience the difference.

8. Mouth doesn't taste like an ashtray in the morning

The morning after a smoking session my mouth always tastes like an ashtray. It's probably the least pleasant part of smoking for me.

9. Can be more discreet

A small battery powered vaporizer doesn't look too different to an e-cigarette, you can even get dry herb vaporizers that fit on a 510 mod. This, together with the lack of smoke and the fact it smells less, makes vaporizers a lot more discreet for using in public. Not all vapes are equally discreet though, so that's something to keep in mind if you're thinking of buying one.

10. Probably healthier

As of yet there's not been enough research to determine whether or not vaping is healthier, but all the current research seems to suggest it is. I'll go into the current research in more detail in another article. Subjectively, it feels a lot better. Even when I'm vaping everyday I don't feel my breathing is affected like it has been when I've smoked regularly.

Buying a vaporizer

I own two vaporizers that I really like:

Boundless CF: Normally costing around £80, although I have seen it as low as £60 on offer, the Boundless CF is a great budget vape. I have owned mine for two years, using it several times a week, and it is still going strong. Here's the quick low down:

  • Battery powered
  • Has 5 temperature settings between 179C and 213C
  • Discreet enough to use in public
  • Fits in a guy's pockets (why do women's clothes have such small pockets??)
  • Easy to use, you just wait for it to heat up then breathe in
  • Bowl is big, which is great for sharing
  • It doesn't produce great vapor with tiny amounts of weed, but I feel like it still does a great job at extracting

Dynavap Vapcap M: Normally costing between £50 and £65 (the 2018 model is cheaper), and as low as £35 on offer, the Vapcap M is probably the cheapest good vaporizer you can buy. It's very different to the Boundless in almost every way, and since getting it a month ago it has become my vape of choice when at home. Unlike the Boundless CF it does have a learning curve but this is part of the fun, in my opinion. Here's what you need to know:

  • Battery-free, you heat it up using a lighter (ideally a torch lighter). It clicks when it's fully heated, then clicks again when it cools down
  • Because most people use it with a torch lighter it's not discreet in public
  • Temperature depends on where you heat with the torch
  • Can extract bud very quickly, like a one hitter
  • Very easy to clean
  • Your are more engaged with the process of getting high, which maybe a con for a lot of people but I love that about it
  • Hard to use whilst doing other stuff
  • Very modular, massive DIY community making custom parts

Here are some other vapes you might consider, I've not tried any of them, but have often seen them recommended:

  • Mighty
  • Fury Edge
  • Arizer Solo 2
  • Arizer ArGo

Further Reading

  • /r/vaporents: a subreddit for anything related to cannabis vaporisation
  • fuckcombustion: one of the top resources on the internet for cannabis vaporizers
  • 420vapezone: a great resource for vape review by an awesome dude!